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3 reasons why we are truly different...

Full-scale service, Sliding-scale fees

We've cut all the excess overhead from the traditional brokerage model to bring you the latest premiere marketing services at a fraction of the cost.

Not only are our listing agreements fair & reasonable, but our sliding-scale model  translates to several thousands in savings for our clients' families.

Valuation & negotiation

We specialize in selling real estate and every  market analysis for our clients is derived by a licensed appraiser so you can list, negotiate, and sell with the utmost confidence.  Where other listing agents are often guessing, our valuations are black & white.

Your bottom line is our top priority, and it is our mission to ensure our clients receive unrivaled expertise in order to yield the best return on their investment.

No fine print, or tack-on fees

When you sign with The Lisitng Agency you know exactly what you're in for.  All marketing fees are discussed & disclosed up front, and there are no surprise processing fees charged to our clients.

With each proposal, we provide you a clear perspective of all your associated costs and what net proceeds can expect to walk away with from the sale of your home. 

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After several years of working for a local real estate brokerage, I decided to start my own brokerage as I believed I could better serve my clients.   I knew there was a way to still provide the key services one expects from a professional Realtor, but at a cost that was fair & reasonable.  I also wanted my clients to have access to the unparalleled expertise of appraisers to help them determine accurate market valuations when buying, or selling real estate. 


As licensed appraisers & Realtors, The Listing Agency achieves these goals by bringing you the latest real estate marketing services, streamlined processes, and unrivaled expertise.

With over fifteen years of residential real estate lending and property management experience while party to over $3B in transactions, the role of licensed Realtor has been a natural fit to continue working directly with individuals and families and helping them achieve their goals. The thought process that high-level expertise doesn’t have to come at a high-level cost is front and center to my role; while being fair, reasonable, and diligent in all manners of a transaction is always my focus.


Whether buying or selling, taking the stress associated with real estate out of the picture is where I excel.  Having advised appraisers, attorneys, CPAs, real estate start-ups, and even government agencies, my clients value the experience & expertise I bring to every transaction.



1040 S. Arlington Heights Rd

Suite #106

Arlington Heights, IL 60005


By appointment only.

Contact: 847-370-7270

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